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no.015 [Nov. 2010]
Jusen ASUKA (Director, IGES Climate Change Group)
no.014 [Aug. 2010]
Magnus BENGTSSON (Director, IGES Sustainable Consumption and Production Group)
no.013 [Feb. 2010]
Masanori KOBAYASHI (Coordinator, IGES Programme Management Office)
no.012 [Sep. 2009]
Charmine KODA (Journalist & IGES Board Director)
no.011 [Feb. 2009]
Peter KING (Senior Policy Advisor, IGES Bangkok Office)
no.010 [Nov. 2008]
Rajendra PACHAURI (Director-General, TERI) & Dr. Rabinder MALIK (Coordinator, TERI-Japan)
no.009 [Aug. 2008]
Hideaki KOYANAGI (Director, IGES Beijing Office)
no.008 [Feb.2008]
Taka HIRAISHI (Member of the Board of Directors & Senior Consultant, IGES)
no.007 [Jul.2007]
(Chair of the Board of Directors, IGES)
no.006 [Mar.2007]
(Policy Researcher, IGES)
no.005 [Jul.2006]
ANCHA Srinivasan
(Principal Research Fellow, IGES)
no.004 [Mar.2006]
(Policy Researcher, IGES)
no.003 [Nov.2005]
(Policy Researcher, IGES)
no.002 [Jun.2005]
(Policy Researcher, IGES)
(Former Chair of the Board of Directors, IGES)

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No.015 Interview Prior to COP16: the Way Forward, Post-Kyoto
Jusen Asuka
IGES Climate Change Group

Just before COP16, this e-alert interview is with Prof. Jusen Asuka, Director, IGES Climate Change Group, who talks about the critical issues of negotiation for post-Kyoto framework and movements as well as perspectives of US, China and India.

.....In 2012, the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol will come to an end, and there will be major questions on how to go forward with the international framework after that. As a solution to this, it appears there are three main scenarios. First of all, Plan A features a scenario whereby a new protocol is decided to replace Kyoto, and all countries, including developed nations, are legally bound to uphold the terms of this protocol. There is also Plan B, which sees the current Kyoto Protocol being extended, with developed countries (excluding the US) following the aims of the second commitment period....
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